Welcome one and all! I am Britty, and this is my collection of randomness. Have a wonderful day!

Love, Money, Quality

Love: Yes. I used to think marriage was dumb — all it was was a piece of paper that told you something you already knew: that you loved the person you were married to and would hopefully be with them forever. I’m still not sure what changed my mind to that whole thing… but I’m happier without that negative ideal nagging at the back of my mind.

Money: That’s a dangerous question, because there are two answers — the responsible answer, and the fuck-it-I-have-a-million-dollars answer. Were I to be responsible, I’d get all of my schooling completely paid off, help my family out, and put a couple thousand away for each of my siblings. Were I to be selfish, I’d go travel. I’d find myself on the beaches of┬áMelbourne, the white cliffs of Dover, the crowed streets of Harajuku… and everywhere in between.

Quality: Firstly, there is Homestuck Reaction Gifs. A lot of times when I get asks, I like to add a cute reaction gif as part of my answer — and it’s always SUPER easy to find whatever sort of thing I need. Secondly, TotalSpiffage. Let me tell you, this girl has got an AMAZING voice. I could listen to her sing ALL day. And since following her blog, I’ve been exposed to so much Homestuck Fanmusic that I had NO idea existed. Plus she’s super nice and I kinda admire her. :) And last but not least, 0_________0, my wonderful sister’s blog! Since we no longer live together, it’s been really nice to have Tumblr as a way of sharing things with each other. Two months ago, I’d pull her aside every evening with “Hey you have to see what sort of stuff I found today!” And, seeing as we can’t do that anymore, it’s fun to see her posts at the end of a long day. (Plus she’s totally a babe and you all should go follow her wink wink)